After your Needs Assessment and documentation, we’ll give you a detailed System Findings and Plan. In it, you’ll find any issues we discovered during our on-site visits and interviews with your staff. For each problem listed in the document, you’ll find a recommended solution and a plan for its implementation.

The Systems Finding and Plan includes detailed pricing for both the equipment needed and our services for each solution.

Benefits of the System Findings and Plan

See Critical Threats

Cipher will detail critical threats to your network. They can include backup failures, security vulnerabilities, out-of-date software, unpatched machines and servers, and other threats.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Our implementation plan will give you an estimate for all hardware, software, and service costs associated with updating your network. We use trusted vendors and our own experts to build you the best network possible.

The Next Step: Ongoing Support Agreements

After we’ve completed your system plan and given you your documentation, we’ll help you choose the support option that best fits your business. From ongoing agreements to as-needed hourly support plans, we’ll help you find an option that provides the best balance of price and support.