Cipher Integrations provides Monitoring & Routine Support to keep a close watch on your Network System so you don´t have to. Weekly system monitoring and routine support will help you reduce network outages and costly downtime. Monitoring & Routine Support will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network is functioning smoothly under the careful supervision of a Cipher Specialist.

Remote Server Monitoring

We’ll monitor your server to find and diagnose threats before they become a significant threat to your system. Finding and fixing problems and threats is vital to the stable operation of your network. Our remote server monitoring includes:

  • Event Viewer Monitoring
  • Disk Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus and Backup Monitoring
  • Critical Updates

Routine Server Support

It’s important to examine your server regularly and adjust its settings to ensure the best performance. Ensuring that servers are working efficiently can help you avoid many issues that could become threats in the future. Server support includes:

  • Licensing Verification and Evaluation
  • Disk Clean-up
  • Disk Integrity Check
  • Disk Drive De-fragmentation
  • Annual Review and Planning Meeting

Routine Workstation Support

We can help you make sure your workstations run efficiently and resolve small user issues. During workstation support, a Cipher Specialist will make an on-site visit once a quarter for routine support. Each workstation will receive individual support at least once a year. Our support includes:

  • Event Viewer Check
  • Disk Integrity & Clean-up
  • Rogue Process Evaluation
  • Critical Updates
  • User Related Requests and Issues


We’ll provide a status report each time we provide any one of our types of support. The report will include comments, updates, and any immediate issues that need to be resolved.