Cipher offers several Support Agreements for different levels of support. Our standard rates for network support are attached to each agreement.

Clients with either a Monitoring and Routine Support Agreement or a Contract Support Agreement are eligible for rate reductions and priority service.

General Support Agreements

All of our standard networking services are covered by a General Support Agreement. It includes standard support, equipment installations and updates, and general infrastructure support, installation, and upgrades.

Monitoring and Routine Support Agreements

For a monthly fee, you can opt for a Monitoring and Routine Support Agreement. It covers monitoring of vital servers and routine support for servers and workstations. With this agreement, you’ll receive a 5% discount off our standard rates and high-priority service.

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Contract Supprt Agreements

If you have a Monitoring and Routine Support Agreement, you’re also eligible for a Contract Support Agreement. These agreements offer additional services for a monthly fee, a 15% discount on Cipher’s standard rates, and other discounts. Contract Support Agreement clients also get top-priority service.