With our proven methods of understanding and documenting your entire network system, security is increased and downtime reduced.

How a Needs Assessment Works

On-Site Visit

Cipher team members will visit your location(s) and build a detailed system inventory that includes your current hardware and software.

Data Storage and Backup Checks

We’ll also analyze your current backup plan. We’ll look at your off-site storage, the rotation of backup media, key staff who will be responsible for backup storage, and a detailed responsibility overview for those staff members.

Preliminary Documentation

Do you know every piece of hardware or installed software on your network? We’ll make sure you do.

Security and Vulnerability Assessment

Cipher will find and detail all security threats on your network. These can include unsecured access points, open ports, firewall failures, and other threats that can disrupt your company’s operations.

The Next Step: Complete Documentation

Following the assessment, we'll present documentation that will inform the System Findings and Plan used to build your perfect network. We’ll start by preparing a complete overview of your inventory, including all hardware, software, and methods of connection associated with your network. You’ll receive a hard copy and a digital copy of the documents for your records.