After your Needs Assessment, we’ll build a complete documentation of your system. The documentation includes every device and software package on your network and details about how your system operates.

Documentation Highlights

Your Hardcopy

You’ll receive a hard copy of our documentation. This documentation is key to reducing errors during future upgrades and new hardware installation.

Advanced Notifications

Don’t worry about keeping track of updates and licenses – we’ll do it for you! We’ll keep track of your upcoming product and license expirations, which ensures you’re always up to date on your network’s status.

The Next Step: System Findings and Plan

Once we’ve finished your Needs Assessment and documented our findings, we’ll build a System Findings and Plan for your company. The plan will outline problems discovered during the assessment and our recommended solutions. You’ll learn about any critical threats to your network, ways you can save money and streamline your software, and how to plan your system to help you grow in the future.