The Needs Assessment is Cipher's first step in the process of understanding your network and the key to preparing the next phase of the process, the System Findings and Plan.

The Needs Assessment allows our network staff to perform on-location inventories of your hardware and software and to interview staff members regarding their concerns. Staff member interviews allow for first-hand accounts of network slowdowns, insight into backup and disaster plans in place and identification of underlying network usage throughout your organization.

Needs Assessment

We’ll learn about your company by visiting your location(s), evaluating your hardware and software, and interviewing key staff members. From there, we’ll perform a “Needs Assessment” that will help us build your system findings and plan.

Complete Documentation

You’ll also receive a detailed system overview and complete documentation of all hardware and software in your inventory. This documentation will keep you up-to-date with a detailed overview of your entire network and all connected devices.

System Findings and Plan

After we review your Needs Assessment, Cipher will build you a special plan of action based on your company. It includes a summary of your current system, a recommended plan of action to address critical needs, and a long-term plan to improve network stability and efficiency.

Ongoing Support

Need support? We provide ongoing, proactive network support that covers monitoring, routine support, and advanced contract support. Our support agreements provide discounts on Cipher’s hourly rates and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network is working and secure.